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                                  Let’s Talk About It

The purpose of the film/video “Let’s Talk About It” is to educate young
people (high school and college age) and the people who spend time with
them daily, about mental illness and the impact it can have on your life if it
goes unnoticed, undiagnosed and untreated. I know because I was one of
those kids.

         I was 14 when I first felt “different”. My thoughts were coming so fast, I couldn’t
focus on my schoolwork, I had outbursts. Then the downside would hit. Depression,
feeling isolated, crying jags. People just passed it off as “being a typical teenager”.No
one realized it was something much, much more.  Not my family, my friends, my
teachers, coaches...nobody.  My grades dropped and when I went to college, I lasted
2 semesters and quit. I couldn’t focus on the work. At 27, after a series of low paying
jobs and bad relationships, I was diagnosed with manic depression (bipolar disorder)
From 14 to 27 were 13 of the hardest years of my life because no one knew enough
about mental illness to see what was going on.

This film will aid in the fight against stigma and get people to really start talking  1 in 5
are young people experience a form of mental illness; depression, anxiety, cutting,
bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. With teens taking their own lives and/or turning
to drugs and alcohol, everyone needs to be aware of what the root cause may be.
That includes students, parents, teachers, and coaches.

In this film we’ll be speaking with all of those mentioned above about signs and
symptoms, how to talk to someone that is in trouble, where to seek treatment, and
how to live a full life with a mental illness.
With a budget of $13,000 to get this film produced, I need your help.

Your contributions are tax Deductible.
I'm Not Crazy Movie Trailer
Let's Talk About Movie
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